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Simpson Electrolux Cooktop Element 389070002 Genuine

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  • Simpson Electrolux Cooktop Element 389070002
  • Size: 165mm, 1200W
  • Suits: 64H986W 64H986S EHE643S*25 EHE633S*25 64G988U*25 64G986W*25 64G986S*25 64G985U*25 PHH284U*05 ESLUFCW PHL768U*45 949163018 PAJ806W*06 PAJ808W*06 EUC5350W*19 EUC5350W*20 EUC5390W*19 EUC5390W*20 PHL394U*00 PHL798U*00 61F931W PPL776S PPL776W PPL778S PPL778W PAK806W PAK808W PAJ509RC*27 PAJ521W*27 PAJ588W*27 61D931W*16 613D931W*19 PHL222U PHL284U PHL285S PHL285W PHL564S PHL564W PHL768U EEC1380W-L*06 EEC1380W-L*20 EEC1380W-R*06 EEC1380W-R*20 PSL632S PSL632W EHC943U EHC953S EHC953W PHL768U*28 PHL798U*28 4U605W*01 4U606W*01 4U608W*01 4U609W*01 3U605WPOLARIS 3U606WAPOLLO 3U609WJUPITER 3U608WALPHA POH777K*18 POH777S*18 EHC640U*05 POH777W*18 66E204W*01 66E207S*01 66E207W*01 EHC633S EHC633W EHC643S EHC643U EHC643W 64G985U 64G988U 64G994U ESE6633S PHL222U*25 PHL284U*25 PHL285S*25 PHL285W*25 PHL564S*25 PHL564W*25 PHL768U*25 4U605W 4U606W 4U608W 4U609W PAK806W*01 PAK808W*01 EEC1380W-L*27 EEC1380W-R*27 EEC1380W-L*29 EEC1380W-R*29 61D931W*19 EHC944U PAK806W*32 PAK808W*032 4U605W*32 4U606W*32 4U608W*32 4U609W*32 3W602S 3W602W 3U605W 3U606W 3U608W 3U609W 64C985U*05 85E726S*01 85E726S*02 85E726W*01 85E726W*02 PHL222UNZ PHL284UNZ PHL285SNZ PHL285WNZ PHL564SNZ PHL564WNZ PHL768UNZ 64C994U*15 EHC633S*25 EHC633W*25 EHC643S*25 EHC643W*25 EHC643U*25 PSJ633S*13 EPRUFCW 4U605W*04 4U606W*04 4U608W*04 4U609W*04 PHE564CW PHE564CB PHE564CBK POE763W4W POE763BK4BK PAF808W and Others
  • Other Part No. 389070002 0122004384 823329 374063522

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